The Best Phone Farming Apps: Phone Farming in 2018

While I have covered the basics of phone farming and how to start generating passive income in my phone farming 2018 guide, that guide was more of a start-up guide that focused on multiple aspects of phone farming. I listed some of the best phone farming apps and passive earning methods in that guide, but there were several apps that I committed for the sake of brevity.

That being said, I think it would be an injustice to not continue my series on phone farming and passive income. There are plenty of money making applications available for smartphones and desktops with their own benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re looking to get started with phone farming, be sure to check out my original guide. However, if you have a few old smartphones available and want to earn some passive side income, consult the following list to find the best money making apps available.

Edit: I’ve just released the second part to my phone farming app guide, so check that out too!

Additionally, Rewardable TV and Checkpoints are performing poorly as of late. Definitely check out my other guide on phone farming apps and prioritize App Trailers, Swagbucks, CashMagnet, and all passive data collection apps!

Rewardable TV:


Rewardable TV is an online money making app that allows users to earn money by watching videos. Video categories are fairly limited an include movie trailers, trending videos, and gifs.

Rewardable TV is one of the go-to phone farming applications for many users due to the stability and passive nature of the app. Rewardable TV can run on almost any Android device (4.0 or higher) and takes very limited resources to run smoothly. Furthermore, Rewardable TV is immensely passive, and requires no user interaction to run consistently.

However, one of the main drawbacks of Rewardable TV is the low earning potential and earning cap. Phones running Rewardable TV will earn a low amount per day, and your total daily income has a rough cap of $1.00/day.

I personally have a love-hate relationship with Rewardable TV when it comes to passive earning. The app runs for extended periods of time unlike many other phone farming applications, but the trade off is limited earning potential.

Ultimately, I suggest running Rewardable TV with enough devices to meet your daily earning cap only if you will be away from your devices for an extended period of time and cannot restart devices that crash. If you are around your devices, there are plenty of other applications that will earn you more income.

Score: 3/5.

Earning Potential: $0.1-$0.2/phone/day.

Passive Earning Ability: 100% passive.

Desktop Capable: Yes.

Device Limit: 7.

Verdict: Run Rewardable TV if you can rarely manage your phone farm.

Sign up and earn with Rewardable TV here! Use my code 7983097EABEDA04B to earn 50% more on your first task!



YooLotto is another phone farming app that people seem to either love or hate. YooLotto used to be one of the best money making applications available, yet a recent history of slow payouts and missed payments left many users irritated with the platform.

This app has recently made a commitment to improve their service and are paying users once more. With YooLotto, the most common way to earn money is through watching videos and advertisements.

YooLotto is also somewhat finicky when it comes to passiveness. The app used to be one of the best money making applications available, but recent problems with frozen ads, pop-up ads, app crashes, and other glitches have plagued the ability for the app to make money.

Ultimately, YooLotto is a phone farming app that is worth periodic testing, or perhaps running a few devices on. However, I personally do not use YooLotto for the majority of my phone farm.

Score: 2/5.

Earning Potential: $0.2-$0.5/phone/day.

Passive Earning Ability: Currently experiencing many glitches.

Desktop Capable: No.

Device Limit: 10.

Verdict: Keep an eye on YooLotto but proceed with caution.

Sign up and earn with YooLotto here! Use my invite code SR9K9P to help me out!

*Note: YooLotto has recently come out with YooRewards, an updated version of their application. From community feedback I have read, there is very little difference between YooLotto and YooRewards in regards to earning potential or performance.

Perk TV:

Perk TV Phone Farm

Perk TV is another excellent money making application due to its stability and earning potential. While Perk is not the most passive phone farming app, it only requires user attention every 3 hours and the earnings can make up for this fact.

Like Rewardable TV and YooLotto, Perk rewards its users for watching videos and advertisements. There are a number of video playlists to select, including app trailers, entertainment news, and funny videos.

Videos are typically 1-2 minutes and length, and reward users with 1-2 Perk Points after each view. 1000 Perk Points are equivalent to $1. Users can redeem Perk Points for a number of rewards, including gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Banana Republic, or just plain and simple PayPal cash.

Perk also rewards users with Perk Tokens, which can be used to enter sweepstakes or use the Perk Scratch and Win app. From my experience they aren’t much good, but you may get lucky and win something one day!

Score: 4/5.

Earning Potential: $0.2-$0.5/phone/day.

Passive Earning Ability: 3 hours before interaction.

Desktop Capable: No.

Device Limit: 5.

Verdict: Go with Perk if you’re looking for great stability, decent earnings, and a moderate level of passiveness.

Sign up and earn with Perk TV Live here!

Perk Pop Quiz:

Perk Pop Quiz App

Perk Pop Quiz is another passive money making application that falls in the middle of the pack. Unlike most phone farming apps, Perk Pop Quiz functions as quiz game that rewards users for playing the game and watching advertisements in between game sessions.

You don’t have to answer questions correctly to earn points, which allows Perk Pop Quiz to be fairly passive. The app, when working correctly, also runs for longer than 3 hours like Perk TV.

However, since you never answer questions correctly when passively playing Perk Pop Quiz, you only earn 1 Perk Point per round. This makes for a stable phone farming app that pays a low-moderate amount. Once again, there is a trade-off between passiveness, stability, and earning potential.

Score: 3.5/5.

Earning Potential: $0.2-$0.4/phone/day.

Passive Earning Ability: Until application crashes.

Desktop Capable: No.

Device Limit: 5.

Verdict: Run Perk Pop Quiz on 1 or 2 phones but don’t rely on this app for the foundation of your phone farm.

Sign up and earn with Perk Pop Quiz here!

App Trailers:


App Trailers is a common phone farming application. This app allows users to earn in a variety of ways by completing tasks or watching videos.

App Trailers has always been one of the highest paying phone farming apps and a great way to make money with smartphones. However, App Trailers is one of the least passive video watching apps you can use.

Users are required to interact with this app every 30 minutes, which makes App Trailers an ideal phone farming app only if you are consistently around your devices. If your devices will be unattended for most of the day, I would stick with Perk TV or Rewardable TV for your phone farm.

Score: 3.5/5.

Earning Potential: $0.3-$0.7/phone/day.

Passive Earning Ability: 30 minutes.

Desktop Capable: No.

Device Limit: 5.

Verdict: Only run App Trailers if you can consistently monitor your phone farm.

Sign up and earn with App Trailers here!



Checkpoints is another excellent phone farming app, albeit one that is not available in Canada. However, for users operating a phone farm from the United States, Checkpoints is certainly worth examining.

As with many phone farming apps, Checkpoints allows users to earn in a variety of ways. Video watching is of course the most preferable and passive method, and is thankfully an option with Checkpoints.

Checkpoints is an immensely passive phone farming app, but earns very little. The bright side is that Checkpoints has a 10 device limit, so it can be a nice supplemental source of passive income for medium-large phone farms. If you run a smaller phone farming operation, I would avoid Checkpoints.

Users can cash out their points for Amazon gift cards or PayPal, and payments are typically processed fairly quickly.

Score: 3/5.

Earning Potential: $0.2-$0.3/phone/day.

Passive Earning Ability: Immensely passive, second only to Rewardable TV.

Desktop Capable: No.

Device Limit: 10.

Verdict: Only run Checkpoints if you have a medium or large phone farm and need to prevent idle device time.

Sign up and earn with Checkpoints here!


earnhoney-earn-money-onlineTo this day, I have never been able to get Earnhoney working as a phone farming application. Earnhoney has more popularity as a desktop earning website, although there is an Earnhoney app available as well.

From my experience, I can never earn consistently with either the desktop or mobile version of Earnhoney. Some users swear by this platform while others continue to experience the same issues as me.

I would ultimately recommend testing Earnhoney for 1 day to see if it is a viable phone farming app, but proceed with caution.

Score: 1/5.

Earning Potential: Unknown.

Passive Earning Ability: Somewhat passive.

Desktop Capable: Yes.

Device Limit: The consensus seems to be there is a soft cap of roughly $1 per day, so this is not device based.

Verdict: Test Earnhoney on mobile and desktop to see if it is viable.

Sign up and earn with Earnhoney here!


engagemet tv phone farming

UPDATE (05/03/2018): It seems as if people are earning less with Engageme.TV via their mobile app. This might depend on your location, but be sure to test out Engageme.TV on both phones and a PC. You might find your earnings to be significantly higher on a desktop.

I still think the app is great, and overall, Engageme.TV can be one of the highest earning platforms. Just be sure to test your earnings.

Back to the app:

Engageme.TV is an absolute must-have phone farming app. The mobile version of Engageme.TV doesn’t seem to work for all users, but if you can run this app successfully, it should occupy 3 devices on your farm.

Engageme.TV earns through video watching, with every 6 videos earning users points. However, rather than rewarding users with their own credits, Engageme.TV links with other popular reward websites and pays users in credits of their choice.

Popular partners of the Engageme.TV app include:

  • Grindabuck.
  • InstaGC.
  • PrizeRebel.
  • Earn.GG.
  • GrabPoints.
  • Earnably.
  • Earncrypto (a great platform for passively earning cryptocurrency).

And many more!

In order to watch videos through you must have sound enabled. A pair of headphones can block out noise just fine, or you can choose to run only when you are not home.

The ability to select your earning platform is the greatest feature of I personally recommend signing up for Grindabuck as this platform is easy to earn with, has a variety of reward options, and includes a daily check-in bonus. My second recommendation would be to use Instagc as your earning platform in the event Grindabuck does not work.

Both Grindabuck and Instagc offer Amazon, Paypal, cryptocurrencies, and dozens of other gift card options for redemption. Grindabuck has a smaller reward selection, although they do offer a daily check-in bonus.

Ultimately, whatever earning platform you choose is up to you. However, I would certainly suggest taking advantage of Engageme.TV for an exceptional passive money making application.

Score: 4/5.

Earning Potential: $0.1-$1.20/device/day (very volatile).

Passive Earning Ability: 3 hours.

Desktop Capable: Yes, and tends to earn more with desktop.

Device Limit: 3.

Verdict: Absolutely run Engageme.TV on 3 of your devices if the app works in your area.

Sign up and earn with Engageme.TV here!

My Phone Farming Routine:

Currently, I only have 7-9 devices running at any time. Here is some information on my phone farming routine, as well as what I suggest for other farmers.

Note: my routine only earns about $40-$50 a month, but this is enough for me.

The Routine – What my Phones Run

  • Every phone has Panel App installed.
  • 2 phones have MobileXpression
  • 2 phones have Embee Meter.
  • I run 5 phones on App Trailer when I’m around
  • I run the remaining phones on Swagbucks or Engageme.TV
  • If I will not be around for many hours, I run 5 phones on Perk TV and the rest on Rewardable.

My Suggestions for Other Farmers:

  • 1-5 devices: Run App Trailers when around, Perk TV when gone for a few hours. Run Rewardable at night.
  • 5-10 devices: Run App Trailers with 5 devices, 3 with Engageme.TV, 2 with Rewardable/Swagbucks (alternate them once a day). Put 7 on Rewardable at night, 3 on Perk TV.
  • 10+ devices: Just max out app device limits.

Final Thoughts on Phone Farming:

There are a number of other money making smartphone applications, although they did not make this list due to poor community feedback or a lack of payout history.

Numerous apps appear every month on phone farming forums such as, and many of these apps are also scams that will never pay their users. Testing out new phone farming apps is a great way to optimize your farming routine and improve earnings, but don’t get carried away with testing.

Stick with the best phone farming applications with the majority of your phone farm, and test new applications on the side with 1-2 devices. When you find what works, continue to optimize and enjoy your passive source of income. I recommend starting with Perk TV, Engageme.TV, and Rewardable if you are just starting out your phone farm.

If you’re looking for the best phone farming phones to use and where to buy cheap smartphones, be sure to check out my post The Best Phone Farming Phones.

I hope this has been another informative phone farming guide! If you have old smartphones that aren’t serving any purpose, consider phone farming! It is still worth it in 2018, and the electrical cost of running smartphones is not a limiting factor.


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Interesting article, I’ve thought about running a farm myself but I have plenty of other projects going. Great write up though 🙂


Hi! I wanted to ask you that is it available in Europe?


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Hi i am from philippines , can i use vpn to united states for app access? so i can increase profit?