It is my goal to remain 100% transparent with the readers of This Online World, and I am therefore making this page to disclose all of my current relationships with various merchants, affiliate programs, and programs that allow me to monetize this blog.

How This Online World Makes Money:

The following list includes the methods I have used to monetized this blog.

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program: Note that this blog has a financial relationship with the Amazon Affiliate Program. Affiliate links may be used in my articles in order to earn commission. While I make all attempts to present correct information, various products or services may not be appropriate for your circumstances and information may become outdated.

Awin Affiliate Program: I am a member of the Awin Affiliate Program and may use affiliate links in my content to earn commissions. Currently, the only Awin offer I am promoting is Swagbucks, which I currently use and recommend to readers in various posts on making/saving money.

FlexOffers Affiliate Program: I am also a member of the FlexOffers affiliate network, and may use their affiliate links in my content to earn commission. Currently, I use a variety of FlexOffer links for various financial service products, money saving apps, or side hustle ideas. I make every effort to only recommend products/services I have personally used or that I believe in, but not every product or service may be right for each individual.

Direct Affiliate Partnerships: At This Online World, I also partner directly with a number of companies/services through their independently operated affiliate programs. Examples of these programs and the offers I include on my website are SiteGround web hosting, SEMRush, Shopify hosting, and others. As with my other affiliate programs, I strive to only mention products or services I have used or believe my readers will find useful, but information can become outdated or may not suit the individual.

Advertisement Revenue: This blog currently runs Google AdSense advertisements, and has also run Media.net advertisements in the past. You can read more about the Google Ads policy, information that is collected from you when you visit the site, and how to opt out of targeted advertising by reading my Privacy Policy and using some of the resources listed there.

I have never made money nor will I ever make money by:

  • Selling links.
  • Selling user data.

This is my promise to you.

All of the analysis, opinions, and research I conduct is not influenced or edited by any advertisers or companies, and there is no outside influence on my editorial process.

Additionally, affiliate program payout rates will never influence how I rank products/services or their inclusion/omission from my content; I simply write and recommend products/services that I think my audience will enjoy or find value in.


All views expressed on this site are my own. I am not a certified financial planner, so when I write about financial apps or services, I do so as a blogger and not an expert. Please use your discretion when reading and be sure to consult a professional if you are ever making major decisions with your money or anything that will impact your well being. This blog is merely a resource, not a definitive guide to anything financial in nature.

I truly appreciate your trust and readership, and I will always remain transparent and do my best to make useful recommendations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via my Contact Page!