The Best Phone Farming Apps Part 2 – Make Money with Smartphones

When it comes to generating passive income, phone farming is one of my favorite methods.

I’ve covered phone farming extensively in my official guide on how to start a phone farm.

I’ve also covered the best phone farming apps in a previous post, as well as the best phone farming devices (and where to buy them!)

However, one of the things I enjoy the most about phone farming is the fact that it is an ever-changing industry.

New apps pop up every month. The highest paying apps/websites also shuffle in and out of favor, and the optimization process for phone farming can actually be a fun puzzle.

Granted, I still try to limit how much time I spend on phone farming to a few minutes a day, but I also enjoy reading about passive income generation anyway so spending a little extra time doesn’t bother me.

If you are new to phone farming, I recommend reading my guide first before continuing on with this post!

This post will cover:

  • My current phone farming routine and some earning updates.
  • Video watching apps that pay users.
  • Web browsing and game apps that pay users.
  • Passive data collection apps that pay users.
  • An exciting cryptocurrency addition to my phone farm setup!

Let’s get to it!

My Phone Farming Routine for 2018:

I’m still running 7 devices, although I have plans to expanding the farm with 3 more phones in the near future.

My routine currently follows this plan:

  • Morning: 5 phones run App Trailers in the morning. 2 run Swagbucks.
  • Night: 4 phones run CashMagnet, 1 runs AppLike (2 new exciting apps I will cover in a bit). The other 3 use and are linked to Grindabuck.
  • Passive Apps: All phones still have Panel App , which works great! Embee Meter and MobielXpression are still installed on 2 phones.

The major changes I have made is to stop running Rewardable TV for the time being and to focus more on App Trailers.

I’m going to talk more about App Trailers even though I’ve mentioned it in the past, but that’s because it has greatly increased my daily earnings:


With App Trailers, I’m able to earn almost $1/day just in Perk Points, which isn’t bad!

As usual, I redeem almost everything with Amazon Gift Cards:



Anyway, enough with the routine update. I just wanted to highlight that phone farming continues to be profitable and fairly straightforward!

Now, onto the apps!

The Best Phone Farming Apps – Passive Apps that Make Money:

App Trailers:


While I have already mentioned App Trailers in my first post on the best phone farming apps, I don’t think the score I provided was fair.

App Trailers is similar to the Perk TV apps and rewards users for watching video playlists and advertisements.

However, App Trailers initially rewards users with 10 Perk Points ($0.01) per video watch and slowly decreases in awarded points until settling at 3 Perk Points per video view.

This is a much higher rate than simply sticking with Perk TV, which always rewards users with 3 Perk Points per view.

App Trailers requires user interaction every 30 minutes or so, but the boosted Perk Points means a few phones can earn hundreds of Perk Points within that time.

Ultimately, I argue App Trailers is the best phone farming application to run if you are around your phones.

Score: 4/5.

Earning Potential: $0.3-$0.5/phone/day.

Passive Earning Ability: 20-30 minutes.

Desktop Capable: No.

Device Limit: 5.

Verdict: Run App Trailers in the morning or evening before switching over to more passive applications.


Cashmagnet make money with smartphones

Edit 5/25/2018: It seems CashMagnet is getting really popular! The app has caught traction on Reddit and elsewhere, so I think an influx of users has caused some hiccups for the developers right now.

I still think CashMagnet is an incredible app to earn passive income, so definitely keep an eye out for patches that will help the app or for the developers to get things back on track!

Back to the post!

While I’ve only been running CashMagnet for a 3 days, I felt it had to be included in my updated list of phone farming apps because it is (in my opinion) an necessity for any farmer.

Unlike passive video watching apps, CashMagnet is a web browsing app.

In other words, CashMagnet takes administrative control over a smartphone and will passively browse the web and scroll through various websites.

So, instead of watching videos to make money, you can use CashMagnet to turn your phone farming devices into auto-scrolling income generators. Not bad.

Additionally, CashMagnet is also one of the most passive phone farming applications because you have a determined amount of passive run time that gradually increases as you use the app or gain levels.

Personally, my initial passive earning time-frame was set to slightly more than 4.5 hours:

CashMagnet phone farming

4.5 hours is more passive than other popular phone farming apps like Perk TV or Engageme.TV portals.

Additionally, as you use the app or gain levels (which is easily accomplished by downloading a few apps), your passive earning time-frame will increase.

CashMagnet earnings

At Level 2, your passive earning time jumps to roughly 7.5 hours. As you gain levels, you will steadily approach nearly 24 hours of passive run capability.

As mentioned, the most straightforward way to gain levels in CashMagnet is to download their list of games:

CashMagnet download

I’ve been running CashMagnet for 2 nights with 2-3 devices, and have earned 1,500 points ($1.50).

However, I’ve now added a 4th device and my passive earning time is slowly increasing. I fully expect CashMagnet to generate $20-$25 a month or more as time goes on.

If you add CashMagnet to your phone farming routine, you should see your earnings increase at a similar rate, and that’s one of the best aspects of CashMagnet: steady performance.

Passive video apps can suffer from variability in advertisement displays, thereby causing your daily earnings to fluctuate (or be based on your geographic location).

Since CashMagnet just browses the web, you should find your earnings are steadier…hopefully.

CashMagnet keeps their reward section fairly straightforward, but they have Amazon gift cards and PayPal which is what truly matters:

CashMagnet review

Additionally, there’s also a slight bonus if you hold out until a $25 Amazon redemption, which is always nice.

If you are looking to improve your phone farming routine and generate passive income, definitely add CashMagnet to your list.

There have been rumors of a 100 device limit for CashMagnet in the near future, which would be ridiculous.

However, whether this device limit is implemented or not, you should work out the kinks and test CashMagnet for yourself in any case.

It’s an incredible phone farming app, is passive, and provides stable earnings. What more could you want?

Score: 5/5.

Earning Potential: $0.3-$1/day/phone depending on level.

Passive Earning Ability: Roughly 4.5 – 23 hours depending on level.

Desktop Capable: No

Device Limit: 4.

Verdict: Run all 4 phones on CashMagnet whenever you need to utilize passive run time.

Download CashMagnet and help support This Online World by using my referral link 🙂

Also, since this is a new app, I just wanted to throw in some obligatory payment proof:


CashMagnet has experienced it’s fair share of hiccups lately, but I’m certain that’s just because of the sudden increase in popularity. Earnings and performance are mostly back to normal on my end, and I have high hopes for this passive income app!


AppLike phone farming

If you have a stubborn phone that doesn’t run video watching phone farming apps very efficiently, AppLike might be the perfect app to add to your setup.

AppLike is a fairly straightforward app that rewards users for downloading and playing games on their mobile devices.

However, you don’t need to actually play games to earn money with AppLike. You just need to have the game app open and running on your main screen.

AppLike download games

To make money with AppLike, just download a game from their recommended list. After a successful download, the app will appear in the ‘Active Apps’ section:’

make money with AppLike

As you can see, a game I downloaded is listed, as well as an earning countdown clock that specifies how long I need to run the app to earn points.

Simply launch the app from within the AppLike Active Apps interface, and then leave your phone to idly ‘play’ a game.

You’ll gradually earn points for doing this. However, the earning countdown clock will gradually increase its interval.

Realistically, you can only run an app for 1-2 days before the earning interval reaches 24 hours. This is the major downside of AppLike.

I currently use AppLike on one of my phones that is having trouble watching videos, but AppLike isn’t at the top of the list for phone farming apps.

Rather, AppLike is a decent way to expand your phone farm if you have capped out device limits or want to mix up your routine. However, you’ll need to install a new AppLike game every 2 days or so to keep your earning interval reasonable.

On the bright side, if you keep up to speed with AppLike, you can probably expect to earn at least $10 for the month, which isn’t too bad.

Earnings can also be redeemed for a variety of gift cards or PayPal, so there’s no issue there.

AppLike earnings

Score: 2.5/5.

Earning Potential: $0.5/day but requires app cycling.

Passive Earning Ability: 24 hours/until app crash.

Desktop Capable: No

Device Limit: 1.

Verdict: Throw AppLike into your phone farming routine if a device has difficulty with video watching apps.

Download AppLike here!


Swagbucks search reward program

While I have covered Swagbucks TV in my first phone farming app post, and have mentioned Swagbucks Search in my post on ways to earn passive income with websites and apps, I’m going to mention Swagbucks one more time.

Swagbucks TV has recently stopped working on some of my older Android devices.

However, I think watching videos on Swagbucks is still a decent component of a phone farming routine.

As with Swagbucks TV, the official Swagbucks app allows you to watch video playlists as well.

You’ll earn $0.02 (2 SB) for every 6 videos, up to a bi-daily cap of roughly 15 SB.

Score: 3/5.

Earning Potential: $0.2/day.

Passive Earning Ability: 20-30 minutes.

Desktop Capable: Yes.

Device Limit: 1 per account.

Verdict: Run 1 or 2 phones on Swagbucks at morning or night before switching to a more passive phone farming app.

Electroneum Miner App:

Mining electroneum with smartphones

Alright, now I know what you’re thinking: mining cryptocurrency with phone farming is impossible.

You’re right, for the most part.

Due to blockchain difficulty/the computing power to actually mine crypto, smartphones simply don’t have enough processing power to generating a significant hash rate or actually mine anything worth mentioning.

However, Electroneum is a mobile-specific cryptocurrency that is attempting to be a top contender for cryptocurrency adoption/practical uses of the technology.

Additionally, you can also effectively mine Electroneum with a smartphone.

See, Electroneum is all about their mobile platform.

According to their website, they strive to “provide a digital payment solution to the developing world,” and granting people the ability to mine Electroneum with something as cheap and accessible as a phone is a part of that plan.

I have mixed opinions on Electroneum as a coin, but whoever is in charge of their marketing department is quite clever.

When you ‘mine’ Electroneum, you aren’t actually using resources or processing power from your phone. It’s a simulation.

So, how can you mine Electroneum?

All you have to do is launch the miner app and hit ‘Start Mining.’

Electroneum miner review

That’s all there is to it.

When you start ‘mining,’ your phone will gradually gain ETN over time and deposit into your pending balance.

When you wish to withdraw your ETN to your actual wallet (to hold, send to someone, or sell on an exchange) you can simply request the transfer:

ETN mobile crypto miner

You can run the Electroneum miner in the background, which also makes it a great passive application for phone farming.

You’ll need to reset the miner occasionally, but if your phone isn’t too old or glitchy, you should be able to mine Electroneum while watching passive video apps for your phone farm.

So, why should you bother with mining Electroneum?

Well, for starters, the app is passive and doesn’t interrupt your other phone farming apps. Considering this, you might as well mine ETN with a few phone farming devices as a trial run.

Secondly, holding onto Electroneum is both fun and potentially profitable…maybe.

Electroneum coin price

ETN currently has a price of roughly $0.025 per coin.

However, at the height of Bitcoin and crypto FOMO earlier this year, ETN peaked at more than $0.20/coin.

I don’t know much about cryptocurrency investing, market trends, or speculative coin prices. You can also read why I’m not the biggest fan of investing in crypto.

However, passively mining Electroneum with your phone farm might not be a bad idea. It doesn’t impact your other phone farming apps, and it could potentially lead to a decent payout if the crypto market spikes again.

I currently have about 100+ ETN from 2 weeks of on-off mining, so I’m hoping for some more crypto FOMO!

Score: 3/5.

Earning Potential: 1-3 ETN/day/phone from what I’ve experienced.

Passive Earning Ability: 24 hours/until app crash.

Desktop Capable: No

Device Limit: 5.

Verdict: Run the Electroneum miner app passively for a few smartphones.

You can download the Electroneum app on the Google Playstore.

Additionally if you use my code D7FAAC you will receive 1% more ETN from mining and I will receive a 5% bonus based on what you mine, so it’s a win win!


AppOptix passive earning app

Alright, I’m going to mention 1 more passive app for part 2 of the best phone farming apps.

AppOptix is actually a passive data collection app that escaped my research when I wrote my initial phone farming guide.

Similarly to Panel App or Embee Meter, AppOptix runs in the background of your smartphone and collects user data (which it then sells or uses for market research).

So, what’s the point of installing another mobile consumer panel to earn money?

Well, AppOptix is completely passive like all the other data collection apps I’ve mentioned, so there’s no reason not to run the app on a phone farming device (where data collection doesn’t really matter or encroach on privacy).

Unfortunately AppOptix is only available in the United States, so I have no data to work with.

However, based on the consensus from Reddit and other forums, you can probaly expect to earn between $30-$40/year by running this app. It’s basically another Embee Meter.

Their website states you can earn $50/year, but that’s a cap, not a guarantee.

Definitely look to add AppOptix to your phone farming setup if you want to increase your passive income!

Score: 4/5.

Earning Potential: $0.10/day.

Passive Earning Ability: Fully passive.

Desktop Capable: No

Device Limit: 1.

Verdict: Definitely install AppOptix on one device.

You can checkout AppOptix on their main website!

Some Final Thoughts on Phone Farming:

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails or comments regarding the use of VPNs to phone farm, or accessing phone farming applications from outside North America (and some European countries).

I will say this: phone farming is extremely hard to do outside of North America and certain European countries (like the U.K).

I’d still suggest doing some research to see if you can start a phone farm in your country, but you might have to do some digging!

If phone farming isn’t viable where you live, you could also consider taking a look at some effective online side hustles.

Additionally, I’ve recently released part 3 in my series on phone farming apps, which provide some alternative apps to use in your routine!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!


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I am confused by you saying you run 4 x applike during the night, isn’t the device limit 1 ?

Nice Post!! that is truly all apps are providing earn by eCash and gift cards. we can say that the concept of earning money from mobile app is gaining traction. People are investing in custom app development services with an aim to get good monthly returns.

Dave Bell

Are you running all panel app’s using the same email address?


My tip for farming involves screen brightness. I use Lux Auto Brightness (the free “Lux Lite” version is good enough for farming purposes) to turn the screen down to sub-0% brightness levels. The app technically works by applying a color filter to make the screen appear dimmer, but on AMOLED displays, this will actually save a little electricity (and likely will also help guard against screen burn-in effects). You won’t save electricity on traditional LCD displays, but it would make the passive phone sitting around easier to ignore. Just don’t go too nuts and turn the brightness down so far… Read more »